Staring you in the face

Get on with it, Go with the flow, Words, words, words

Oh, there's nothing like a blog to remind  you of your goals publicly, is there?

Even the subtitle of mine reminds me that I need to finish my novel.  Or start one.

Anyway, after a very long time of being too complacent about fitting it, I've decided to roughen up my edges, make a little less effort to be part of the mainstream.  I've been too willing to wedge this square peg into a round hole which has always been my downfall – being too concerned about sticking out.  While paradoxically wanting to be noticed.  I made a decision to do something relatively drastic. In fact, the direct opposite of all the advice I dispensed to budding authors back in the day.  I've decided to give up my day job because while it provides some measure of financial security, it doesn't challenge me at all and in fact drains me.  This will seem like utter madness to many, particularly when others are losing their jobs. 

I'm delighted that I've only had support from family and friends. Perhaps they are living vicariously but madly, curiously, happily I have confidence that this a risk worth taking.  I don't have dependents or non-mortgage debt. My part of the bargain, probably inspired by the Artist's Way is just to write. Doesn't have to be big or clever.  I just have to take care of the quantity. Not going to publicly shame myself into updating totals here daily. Perhaps weekly.

I'm not deluded enough into thinking that all I'll do is potter about and write books. But already, having had a couple of conversations with people, some interesting opportunities are popping up – now that I'm eyes open, ready to see them.  It's terrifying. I'm so excited that I may explode!