The agony of antagonists


So one of the issues I’ve been battling with in my middle grade is my antagonist, for various reasons. I think that’s pretty common but all the great books, the ones that stick with you, are the ones which pit a worthy adversary against your bold hero.

Sandra Nickel is posting wonderful, reasoned arguments for how to hone your baddie (and a host of other characters) to round out your story and make it compelling, I highly recommend her series of posts


In the companion post, Enter: The Antagonist, no scratch that, Enter: The Antagonists, Plural, I talk about the 13 Antagonist Archetypes. Starting with Pure Evil and continuing to the Enemy Within, I explain who the different antagonists are and what they can do. Here, we are going to look at how we can romance these antagonists. This […]

via Romancing the Antagonists — whatwason…

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