Almost finished a shitty first draft

Get on with it


Since March I’ve been doing Urban Writers’ 6 Month Novel Bootcamp as one of the first guinea pigs. I started a bit late, and then wound myself up in knots for a while, but I’m about 40k into my first draft. 

Most of the group have finished and are into editing now, I’m a bit behind. Also I kind of started editing already as I was happy with the beginning (which I know, I know, defeats the purpose of banging out a shitty first draft and then fixing it) but I’m actually pretty pleased with how it’s going. When I’m not wailing to myself about how terrible it is. The usual angel on one shoulder and devil on the other that I think most people go through when writing? And I feel happy about having a lot of help and tools to get it finished. Good old mob mentality, this has been a bit like a 6 month Nanowrimo, with an inbuilt crit group to boot.

It’s funny, I cast my mind back to before I was a mum and I would have been throwing all-nighters and weekenders at this to get the first draft done for the 1st August deadline – hah! But now I also value sleep and a bit of sanity. Still, in the four months of writing time that we’ve had I’ve produced more work than in about three years.

Now to make it better.

Photo from Donovan Beeson‘s Flickr stream under a Creative Commons licence

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