Walking in This World


Another slightly halted start to the writing year. Not very much fiction going on around here, but writing for lots of websites and even rewriting other people's copy.  It's surprisingly gratifying.  I'm also in a new writing group, for some similarly terrified authors and would be authors (it seems like the fear does go away with publication.  I'm mainly scared because they are all so much better than me.

Last year, following and completing Julia Cameron's The Artist's Way did wonders for me. Then I fell off the Morning Pages path, lazily scootching down under the covers with the boy.  I went to see JC – yes, I think I was on the point of worshipping her – in a workshop.  Sadly underwhelming. But it hasn't put me off. Back to work with her follow-up book, Walking In This World. Like TAW, it's going to take me a long time to finish it. I hope it'll be worth it.


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