Get on with it

It doesn't really roll off the tongue. While at the Urban Writers Retreat at the Make Lounge yesterday (Jennifer probably thinks I'm stalking her as I'm there so often) I came up with a plan.  Oh god, another plan rather than doing any writing.  Bear with me.

I like this plan.  It involves me writing a BIAM – Book In A Month. A 30 day program that shouted JUNE loudly at me. After a day of prep and with almost a week to clear non-writing tasks off my plate, I think this might work. Yes, it's a little like NaNoWriMo.  However my gripe – with myself – after NaNo was that while I'd churned out the requisite 50k word count, it was distinctly lacking in structure and with hindsight it would have been more productive to have a completed piece of work.  That's the goal this time around. Beginning, middle, end. Of the same story.

As always I met great people at the UWR. It's a wonderful space for inspiration as well as concentration.  The surge of productivity, accompanied by the 'you are not alone' sense that fills the air as others, with heads down, hammer laptop keys is intoxicating. Most people were writing fiction which is common at these retreats, apart from the Creative Maverick, aka John, who was amongst the small group that sneaked out to the local square to soak up some lunchtime sunshine and got to discussing Twitter. I said that my username there derives from this blog and then wondered how long it was since I'd updated it – ahem. The subsequent conversation about John's 'Screw Work, let's play' book was fascinating and led me to this site and this particular post:  food for thought.  Life is indeed too short. Roll on June and the rest of the adventures in Londonland with other creative folks.



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