I’ll never see 29 again


Unless I come back as someone's door.  An old friend of mine used to say that and it doesn't make any more sense to me now than it did twenty years ago.

I broke 29k today and also nailed a lot of the housework that has been ignored recently.  I'd like to say that it was just for the duration of nano but – ahem, moving on!

I'm conveniently quite keen on the MC in version 2.  I’m mainly using the Write or Die approach still and there is no let up, you just have to keep writing. This means not fussing over spelling (though my typing is improving even more as we go, I’d say I’m at about 80wpm by now) or the fact that there are supernova holes in the plot. I keep thinking of twists or character traits and just stick them in, regardless.  It will take some untangling later.  That's ok.  After all, if I don’t just churn stuff out now, there will be nothing to edit later, right?

Always good to hear great stories like this to keep you inspired to continue…


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