Slow progress


But I am chipping away at it. I have a main character and a host of others who keep popping up.  It is getting kind of crowded in there now but hell I guess I can kill off some of them if necessary. Even in chick lit. The plot is no more than vapour.

Procrastination is the main killer right now.  It's partially  [EXCUSE ALERT] that this is the first holiday that I've had all year.  I spent a few days doing other things and so didn't get into Nano until the 5th, and only spent an hour writing that day. The weekend was one day of hen night and one day of largely recovering.  I am just over the 10k mark now and really need to crack on with it tomorrow to get back on pace.  I am extremely glad that I'm not working this week and have to take refuge in the fact that I think this is the furthest I have progressed with Nano to date and it's not that it feels like it has run out of steam yet.

Other slight issue is that my RSI has flared up again but really, we are just going to ignore that one.  Or start eating ibprofen sweeties like last time.

The Nano pep talks are exceedingly helpful though, including the letters from Jonathan Stroud and Philip Pullman, plus news of people selling their Nano novels – Sara Gruen's Water for Elephants started out as a nano novel. 

Time for bed.  Tomorrow, time for a lot of typing. If you're participating hope it's going swimmingly!


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