Nano update


Well it's officially day 7 of Nano 08 I think. Progress so far:

  • Day 1:  Mostly slightly hungover from Halloween party.  Spend all day finishing freelance work until friend who has locked herself out comes over to shelter from the abominable weather.  Go to the pub.  Write 500 words in all.
  • Day 2: Spend all day freelancing.  turn down the new Bond movie to keep battering away at this job.  Don't write a word.
  • Day 3:  By now very frustrated with the freelancing but still at it.  Remind self that once it's done, there's the remainder of the fortnight to do as I wish.  Becoming even more bitter and twisted inside about it all. Start to plan living on baked beans while wrapped in duvets to cut down on food and heating bills so that I can stop doing extra work.
  • Day 4:  Courier takes the freelance job away, and I head off to lovely people in Lewes to see the fireworks shennanigans. Start to write on the train. Completely chuck the first 500 words and start over. 
  • Day 5:  Write 3500 words in about four hours. Start to see the story twisting and evolving and kind of running away with itself.  Thrilled!  It's all about the word count.  Need to have some content to edit to shreds later.
  • Day 6:  Writing about 1000 words an hour, with some procrastination tolerance – building in time between writing bursts to do household chores etc. Goal for today is 10000. So back to it!

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