What, already?


What, it's already less than a week to go?

What, people have plots and a plan?

What, already?

Must not panic.  Must think of all the plus points I've got.

Laptop. Time off. Impetus. Wrimo and Rav-Wrimo buddies.

A paper bag to halt the hyperventilation. 

Those precious two weeks off are already being impinged upon. Mostly with social occasions which should be fun -  some include train journeys, and I figure that I will take the laptop with me,  explore how well I write with a hangover the next day.  Radiohead is playing loudly in the back of my head: 'You do it to yourself, you do and that's what really hurts…'

I am a horrendous procrastinator.  For instance, here I am blogging instead of plotting.  I'm not sure whether to stick with my original idea – or the one mentioned in the last post anyway – as at least two others are rattling around my mind.  Different genres entirely. I guess what I will do is just pick one, in the first two days, and then brain-purge on every idea daily so that I can get it out of my head and concentrate on the main idea.

Here's the list of projects and tasks that I am not allowed to prioritise during the month of November.  Some of them I'll have to get out of the way beforehand, others have waited long enough and (in general) won't go mouldy before December.

  1. Sort out my tax
  2. The neverending freelance work
  3. Tidy my clothes/flat/paperwork
  4. Rejoin the British Library so I can write there for the first two weeks
  5. Finish certain knitting projects
  6. Start other knitting projects
  7. Go to yoga every day
  8. Spend quality time with the cats (oh dear lord)
  9. Catch up on the movies I've missed recently, abusing my monthly cinema
  10. Hang out with friends who freelance/don't work/are on maternity leave
  11. Learn how to use my letterpress/drop-spindle
  12. Curtains – making them,  hanging them etc

Some things that I am committing to do:

  1. Some form of exercise to keep me from turning into a sugar- and caffeine-powered maniac – so either 10,000 steps or yoga
  2. Set up new IM address for Nano buddies so that I will not be reading work or non-Nano related messages during the first two weeks
  3. Order in groceries via online delivery so that I don't faff off to the shops all the time

Who knows how it will all end – ooh, I do! With 50,000 words saved and ready to upload (and then butcher into shape) or I'll…

I'll have to come up with something suitably horrific...


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