A hint of plot


It's not entirely there yet but there's a beginning, a bit of the middle and an ending.  Plus random scenes to throw in.  Plus a lot of coffee, some dares, a word war or two and the promise of some pies.  Yes, it's Nanowrimo time again! 

This year I'm taking a slightly different tack.

  • I've started to work on the plot and have some time to flesh it out more before November
  • I am excited about the idea, which is one that has been floating about for a while

  • I have two weeks off work, booked specifically for this.  Gulp.

It's completely separate to the Miss Write idea.  I'm going to be getting up every day and getting out of the house to go and sit and write – like it's a job. Mentalness, I know.  Who's with me?


2 thoughts on “A hint of plot

  1. I’m with ya! This will be my 5th year with NaNo and hopefully my 3rd win. 😀 Ha!
    Thanks for adding me as a friend over at NaNo. I am so excited and looking forward to it!

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