It’s almost that time…

The Misses Almost Write

We (the Misses Almost Write) meet up on the 31st.  I'm really excited about meeting the laydeez.  No writing has been done in the meantime, too busy with two jobs. I realise this is a poor excuse.

We've decided to have a little November write-in.  Nanowrimo isn't right for any of us this year because we're all working on either editing first drafts (I wish!) or bumping up the word counts.  So we're having our own literary tea-party, as it were.  Roll on the 1st.  (Which is also the day that I move house.  Now I have an even greater need to have the studio set up for that evening, and getting some words down…)


One thought on “It’s almost that time…

  1. All the best with the meeting with the other Misses Almost Write. Be sure to let us know how it all goes.
    All the best with the house move too. I havw just gone through it myself. Still unpacking 2 weeks later!

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