I wonder…

Get on with it

I'm managing to get some writing done – occasionally on the tube, if I get a seat, or under the guise of emailing at work – I then send the mail to my googledocs address and it all gets transferred into a readily editable format.  Extremely nimble application.

House redecorating, the impending move and some freelancing work on top of the normal 9-5 means that there isn't much time for writing at the moment.  Yes, I do realise that this is an excuse.  Happily, when I do sit down to write, it does seem to be flowing fairly well though sometimes I'm writing random scenes rather than continuing where I left off.  After the impending cut-and-paste session there'll be quite a lot of papering-over-the-plot-cracks to be done too.

I've read the submissions by the other Misses Almost Write and I am so, so impressed, and wondering how I got in there.  That seems to be a pretty universal feeling and we've committed ourselves to a 'Promise I won't burn mine' pact.  Everyone still seems excited too, even more so that the Waterstone's vouchers have arrived, yee-haw!  So far I've ordered the new Nigella and been uncharacteristically restrained after that.  Bit peeved that the Moleskins 30% off offer had expired though… Also made a small voyage of discovery to the local sorting office for the new flat, to track down the first delivery of a-book-a-week from Sphere.  I can't remember the titles off the top of my head (left them at the flat) but they included some of Louise Candlish's books, a Jenny Colgan and Anna Blundy, I think.  Have started The Double Life of Anna Day which I'm really enjoying.  Oh, and we've all been contacted about the Cosmo subscription but no news on when the first issue will slam on to the doormats.

Writing dilemma of the moment:  what I'm working on at the moment.  It's written in the third person and I'm just not sure that's the right way to go for me.  Rather than start over and rewrite the one I'm working on into the third, I wonder if I should start working on something else.  Or am I just procrastinating…?


2 thoughts on “I wonder…

  1. You said “It’s written in the third person and I’m just not sure that’s the right way to go for me. Rather than start over and rewrite the one I’m working on into the third, I wonder if I should start working on something else. Or am I just procrastinating…?”
    The third person dilemma – depends on how many other characters you intend to have speaking – will we be seeing the world you’ve created from the viewpoint of more than one person? Will we need to?
    And I do think that rewriting the whole thing in the first person rather than adding to the story is proscrastinating -you can make all those edits when you have the scaffolding of a plot with a beginning, middle and end to hang it from. It’s much easier to edit than to create after all…
    so…are you posting drafts anywhere for us to read? I read your first chapter and synopsis and was very intrigued – you really have it in you to write this – just let it out πŸ™‚

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