Moving it along

The Misses Almost Write

The initial confusion about the outcome of the Cosmo Miss Write competition seems sorted now.  A suddenly flurry of emails means that we now know when we're meeting up – the end of October – and who we're meeting at the publishing house.  Our Waterstone's vouchers are on their way through cyberspace and we should hear about the Cosmo subscription shortly.  The publishing house are bundling up books to post out to us.  All the Misses Almost Write have managed to report in.  We're going to read each other's work before we meet.  When that was proposed I thought 'Gnnnurrrrghhhhh' or something along those lines and then realised that that's sort of the idea, isn't it?  Write and other people read it.  Perhaps even enjoy it.

I've been trying to sneak in some writing time at work.  At home I work on a mac and the office is all PC based.  I can't use a memory stick as there are issues with the firewalls here and we aren't allowed to introduce any external media or storage devices until the software licences are upgraded.  I thought that I'd found the perfect solution – an online FTP-type site that allows you to store documents but also edit them online in a proprietary system.  That seemed perfect – until it refused to allow me to save the new version of the document. I am back to writing in the body of an email (handily, then it looks like you could be working) and then emailing it all home to myself to be cut-and-pasted together later on.  Has anyone got any better ideas? 


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