Lots of traffic…


Lots of people have been popping in via Sarah G's site.  There's been some confusion about the competition.  I include myself in there, mainly because in the beginning I was just a bit shell-shocked and then didn't really understand the situation where there were only runners up.  But yes, the answer is that the judges felt that none of the entries in the competition were ready for publication and yes, I also wondered if in fact one of the short list would be published ultimately, but the publishers kindly clarified and that's not the case.

I don't know anything more about how the actual competition was administered, but perhaps there wasn't the (wo)manpower to call in completed novels after reading 2,300+ entries.  And as has been pointed out by many people, including Louise Candlish, who knows exactly what the judges were looking for?  I hope everyone is still encouraged to write.  Also, even if none of our entries were right for the particular publishing house, another editor at another company might rave about the story.  I'm just happy to have received some encouragement and I'm looking forward to meeting Louise Candlish who seems just lovely – I don't know whether most authors would spend so much time corresponding with strangers from the blogosphere when they are on deadline…

And thanks to lovely people who've dropped in to comment.  Typepad is still freaking a bit and I don't always know when someone has commented, but I'll get to them all eventually!

BTW if any of the other runners-up are out there – would love to hear from you…


One thought on “Lots of traffic…

  1. Hi again Gail
    Glad to hear you are getting loads of visitors to your blog (hope you are glad too!) and it looks like you will be meeting Louise Candlish end October then (I am basing this on previous comment)
    All the best with the writing and I look forward to seeing your book in store at some point. It looks good from what was put in Cosmo. I too am carrying on with my writing and hope to be in a position to send off to agents in the New Year. Think I might just bookmark your blog so I can come back to it and see how your progress is going and how the lunch went with Louise. You will post on here won’t you?
    All the best.

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